An Alameda Garden: The Ultimate Seed-Saver

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Ultimate Seed-Saver

Just when you thought that all the various countries of the world couldn't agree on anything, they suddenly do agree on one thing--that the planet's future is so precarious that we need to build a gigantic storage facility in the Arctic to stash the millions of varieties of seeds that produce the world's food. Check out this article by Rick Weiss in today's Washington Post: "The World's Agricultural Legacy Gets a Safe Home".

I can't decide whether I'm depressed to think that we're so close to doomsday that this kind of facility is necessary, or relieved that someone is making plans to survive it. Probably the former, but maybe I'll feel better after a little gardening...


  1. I had a very similar reaction. If it comes to such a doomsday, who will be around to plant the seeds? And will there be any fertile ground left to plant them in? I'd rather just go plant something in my garden and not think about it!

  2. exactly, we need a peaceful world now.Its like the US presidents nucleur bunker.If he hides there and the worlds blown up who will he govern?Time for some gardening to lighten your mood.Its very 1960's the seed bank idea.

  3. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I think we have more to fear from the routine everyday, every minute loss of plant and animal habitat. If doomsday comes, we won't be here to worry about it anymore. But the day may come when we look around, and due to commercial agi practices, and loss of natural habitat due to our insatiable need to develop and cement over valuable alluvial soils that took millions of years to "develop", we will no longer have many of the valuable plants that we once loved and enjoyed. There will only be two kinds of tomato, one big brown potato to make giant McFries and one kind of corn. Bless those seed keepers!


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