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Thursday, August 19, 2010

DIY Vertical Garden Planter

I haven't quite decided how I feel about this new vertical gardening craze. Sure, some of them look great, but I guess I'm still rather skeptical about the long-term viability of them, not to mention the maintenance. But for those of you who love the concept, I just thought I'd pass along a link to a tutorial to make your own wall planters similar to those Woolly Pockets so many decorating magazines are flipping over (note: the decor magazines seem to love them more than the gardening magazines, something else that makes me skeptical). The tutorial uses craft felt and plywood backing and looks easy enough to put together. The felt pockets are attached to the plywood with a staple gun--again, call me a skeptic, but is that really going to be strong enough to handle the weight of potting soil, plants, and water? If anyone out there actually makes these, please let me know how they work out.

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  1. Yeah, it looks like these are meant for one season of usage so I guess the staples would be OK here and not rust to oblivion immediately.

    I'm skeptic, but can't help but be totally fascinated by the possibilities. How fun would that be if it worked?!

  2. I haven't seen that stuff. But it sounds so cool. I wish I can see that amazing stuff. I will be visiting this post more often for that thing.

  3. Is vertical gardening like that thing I have seen on tv. Where the tomatoes are growing upside down?

    I always wondered if that really works.

  4. ZZ: Technically, vertical gardening is any method of gardening growing up rather than out. It can be as simple as the upside-down planters you mentioned, or training something like melons to grow up a trellis rather than sprawling along the ground. The more extreme version, and the one that's getting a lot of attention these days, is to plant entire walls.

  5. - Claire -

    Thank you. I will have to remember that.

    My aunt was mentioning something like that to me, a few days ago, but she didn't call it vertical gardening. I was telling her about how my squash/melon might squish out my strawberry plant. She mentioned something about me being able to train the squash/melon to grow another way.

    Thanks for the info. Being a new gardener I learn something interesting all of the time.

  6. I'm a vertical gardener..woohoo!!!

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  8. My friend Lee Tierney lives in Alameda and grew an entire wall of purple lobelia. We make vertical garden panels that are lightweight and easy to use. Have a look at what we do right here in San Francisco..

  9. personally I am a fan of the traditional free-standing planters. Though I like the idea of these vertical ones.


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