An Alameda Garden: California Month-by-Month Gardening

California Month-by-Month Gardening

Winner of 2015 GWA
Silver Award of Achievement!

It may be the Golden State, but your garden can be any color you want it to be. California is already famous as one of the world's leading fruit and vegetable producers--but a glance at a valley oak or California buckwheat is just a small glimpse of the native plants the state has to offer the home gardener. Written by Alameda resident and longtime gardening journalist Claire SplanCalifornia Month-by-Month Gardening is the sister manual to our California Getting Started Garden Guide. Inside, Splan dedicates a thoroughly detailed chapter to each month of the year, telling you what species you should consider planting, precisely when you should plant them, and how to care for them for maximum health. Within each month are recommendations for annuals, bulbs, lawns (and lawn alternatives), natives, perennials, roses, shrubs, trees, vines, and groundcovers. An introductory overview of California's microclimates and soil types, along with a primer on general gardening techniques and a color-coded USDA zone map, prepares you to make your best effort as a gardener in California. Splan's instructions go much further than just the basics, as you learn how to plan, plant, care for, water, fertilize, and troubleshoot your diverse garden spaces during every single month of the year. Fully illustrated with beautiful color photography of the "how to" steps and plants, California Month-by-Month Gardening keeps your garden prosperous through all types of California weather and terrain. 

"Claire Splan's California Month-by-Month Gardening takes the guesswork out of planting and maintenance for the state's gardeners. The book includes smart seasonal advice, such as planting sweet potatoes now for a Thanksgiving harvest."--Sunset Magazine, May 2015

"Claire Splan has organized and scheduled all of your gardening duties into one book.... After a general introduction on soil, irrigation, tools, pests and seeds, the author begins the book in January and continues on throughout the year with thorough information on what to do in your garden. Splan wants you to find your rhythm in your garden, making the time you spend in it a pleasure instead of a series of endless chores." -- Annie Spiegelman, the Dirt Diva, Pacific Sun

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  3. Southern California gardens will do fine without much care in December, yet committed cultivators can in any case keep occupied as winter grabs hold. Watch out for the Weather: Although December 21 is the primary day of winter, December can likewise acquire temperatures the 80s in Southern California. In the event that a warmth wave hits, keep your plants all around watered.


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