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Friday, June 16, 2006

A Salvaged Garden

One person's trash is another person's ... garden.

I went to Urban Ore in Berkeley a couple days ago and went home with two great finds. One is a white-and-rust metal hanging planter. My plan is to let it get completely rusty and use it as a centerpiece in the area that is now my vegetable bed. In the fall I plan on re-doing that entire bed and I think that this planter mounted on a pole or post of some kind in the center of the bed will look great.

My other find was a blue metal store display rack of some kind. It caught my eye because it's such a terrific shade of blue, but I knew right away it would make a great trellis for the mystery berry plant I was going to pot and re-locate. Here it is happily soaking up the sun in a new redwood pot.


  1. That is a cool find.I want to find some larger containers when i have some money.For year round displays and rehomed shrubs for a garden revamp in places.

  2. that blue rack is gorgeous.Will have to go shopping with you if i ever come to Alameda!Cant wait to see your mystery berry plant clambering up the frame.


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