An Alameda Garden: Going to Filoli? Get Discounted Tickets Through Groupon!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Going to Filoli? Get Discounted Tickets Through Groupon!

If you've never been to Filoli or if you have guests visiting the Bay Area this summer, this is a great opportunity to get discounted tickets to visit this historic house and gardens. There aren't many estates like this on the west coast and I can't think of another estate in Northern California (with the exception of Hearst Castle, maybe) that can rival the beauty of Filoli.

It's name is taken from the credo of the man who built the 654-acre Woodside estate, William Bowers Bourn: "Fight for a just cause; love your fellow man; live a good life." In addition to the handsome stately house that Bourn left behind, Filoli boasts meticulously planned and groomed gardens, an orchard with more than 650 types of apples, an olive orchard, and a nature preserve. A day strolling through the gardens of Filoli is a lesson in horticulture all on its own, as well as a lovely retreat.

For the next three days, Groupon is offering admission tickets to Filoli at up to 55% off the regular price. If you purchase the tickets while deal is on, you can use the tickets any time up to September 23, 2014. (Be sure to read the fine print on the Groupon page before you buy.)


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