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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Are You Pinterested?

I confess that I have reached a point of near-saturation as far as social networking goes. There are only so many sites you can check in on, post on, and maintain some interest in in order to connect with people you may or may not actually know. But I recently discovered a site that I'm truly having fun with: Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that functions as a social network. It allows you to "pin" things that you see on the Internet to "boards" that you create on the topics that interest you. Your pinned items are seen by others and can be "repinned" so that a lot of sharing goes on. As with Twitter, you can choose to follow people with similar interests to see what they're pinning and, likewise, people can follow you and see what you're pinning.

When I first heard about Pinterest, my initial reaction was, "what's the point?" But it only took me a short time of playing around in Pinterest to get it. Pinterest is a place where ideas can spark and catch fire. As I started pinning garden-related photos, I found lots of ideas swirling around of things I wanted to try in my garden, things I wanted to write about, things I wanted to research further. I'm interested in Mexican and Spanish style in the garden and I spent some time looking for images of that. I've also been thinking about fairies lately and I had a lot of fun exploring photos of fairy gardens. And naturally, I'm interested in edible gardening so I looked for those images too. All of them went onto my "Garden Scenes I Love" board. And there's no limit to the boards you can have, so I'm also working on boards for "Crafts", "For the Home", and "Places I'd Like to Go."

I think Pinterest could be a fun and worthwhile place to play around. If you'd like to follow me on Pinterest, just click the following button:

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