An Alameda Garden: I'm Back (Though I Was Never Really Gone)

Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm Back (Though I Was Never Really Gone)

It's hard to believe I haven't posted here since June 28th. This summer seems to have passed in a blur and we're already well into autumn. All I can say is that this blog has been up and running for five years now and this was a much-needed break.

In case you're wondering what I was doing while I wasn't blogging, the bulk of my time went into writing the book I announced last MayCalifornia Fruit and Vegetable Gardening. This is my first book and writing it was really fun and really, really exhausting. It will be published in February so I'm now working on marketing plans. In a distant past life I was a marketing communications writer for a few years, so this process is a little like using muscles I haven't used in ages--exhilarating and painful. In the next few months I'll be developing a website for the book, but for now you can go to to check it out and pre-order it. And to follow the process to publication and beyond and also pick up lots of links to great edible gardening sources, you can Like the Facebook page for the book.

Besides writing the book I traveled to Indianapolis in August for the Garden Writers Association Symposium. I met lots of terrific fellow garden writers, toured some beautiful gardens, and discovered that the myth of Midwesterners being exceptionally nice people is really true. Then I went to Michigan to visit my dad and stepmom and explored my dad's native habitat in the U.P. I also left a few dollars behind in the Indian casinos. Enough said.

If there's one thing I wasn't doing during my blogging break it was gardening and it shows. My gardens are a weedy disaster right now. But I'm anxious to clear out the debris from this year's garden and start planning next year's garden. I got started this weekend and there's much work ahead. I have plans to redo my front yard with a mix of edibles and ornamentals and I'm hoping to return my back yard to some kind of order and make it a place to really relax. More on that in future posts.

It feels good be blogging again!

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  1. Wow, congratulations on the publication of your book. I'll have to seek it out, since I'm in Oakland, and have a similar climate to yours.


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