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Friday, January 28, 2011

Missing Under-Gardener/Cat: Have You Seen This Guy?--Updated 1/29

My very sweet orange tabby named Pumpkin has been AWOL for the past five days. He's a neutered male, three years old, with no real identifying marks other than a notch taken out of his right ear (as you can see in the photo). He is microchipped to prove he's mine. He's most likely to be in the west end of Alameda. If you see him, please e-mail me at I'm anxious to get him home as his gardening chores (chasing butterflies, chewing grass, laying around) are starting to pile up. 

Update: The prodigal cat has returned, apparently none the worse for wear. Thanks for all who expressed their concern!

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1 comment:

Ayse said...

We had a boy cat go missing a few years ago and the Alameda animal shelter lent us a hav-a-heart trap to snag him (he was a former feral and was really freaked out about the great outdoors). He didn't go far -- he was literally living under our neighbor's shed.

Best of luck in bringing him home.

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