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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Incredible Savings on UC Botanical Garden Membership with Groupon

For a very limited time (1 day, 14 hours as of this posting time) you can get a 51% discount off new memberships at UC Botanical Garden. Individual memberships are only $22 (usually $45) and family memberships are $32 (usually $65). This not only entitles you to admission to the UC Bot but also reciprocal privileges at nearly 200 gardens and arboretums across the country. Use this referral link to get the deal. The link for the UC Bot Garden deal may be in the sidebar on the right under "Berkeley."

You can check out this post I did last year about the amazing things you'll find at the UC Botanical Garden. I guarantee you'll be impressed.

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Kimberly said...

I'm confused. You posted this a few hours ago but the referral link takes me to a deal for floral arrangements.

Kimberly said...

Er, so after i reread, I looked at the sidebar but it's not there either. Grr.

Claire Splan said...

Kimberly, try this link:

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