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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Win an Orchid a Month

Sloat Garden Center is having a Winter Orchid Festival Sweepstakes that’s too good to miss. Enter here and you could win an orchid a month for a year. Other prizes include garden center gift cards valued at $100 to $25. The only catch is that you must pick up the prizes at one of their 9 bay area locations in Marin County, Danville, or San Francisco, so I’m afraid this is for locals only.


farmlady said...

You mean that Tanj and Dawn can't enter this sweepstakes?..,
and how do I know these two people? It's a question that has an answer.

Claire Splan said...

Well, Tanj and Dawn could enter because they know someone who could pick up the orchids for them (me!). The question is would the orchids ever make it to Michigan, or would they be strangely waylaid in Alameda?

And how do you know these people?

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