An Alameda Garden: Recycling Plastic Pots for $$

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Recycling Plastic Pots for $$

Fresh Dirt has some applause for Nopalito Native Plant Nursery in Ventura, California, for their policy of offering store credit in return for plastic pots. They offer 5 to 15 cents for each pot customers return to them. I think that’s brilliant. I know there are some nurseries in this area that will allow you to return pots, but I don’t know of any with a similar policy for store credit. If there were, I might actually be motivated to clean up the bazillion pots I have stacked at the side of my house and and trade them in for some shiny new plants!


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  2. That's a really good idea- I think it is so important to re-use things like garden pots- especially since most of them aren't biodegradable.


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