An Alameda Garden: Can You Name This Plant?

Friday, June 23, 2006

Can You Name This Plant?

Let's play this oh so fun game once again!

This volunteer plant seems to be very happy, sending up large, thin, heart-shaped, slightly hairy leaves. The plant is about 12 inches high now. I don't see any buds yet. Oh, and the whiteflies are enjoying it.

I did wonder if it was a melon plant because last year I planted a melon vine just a few feet from this spot and I thought a seed might have gone astray. But I can't remember exactly what those leaves looked like and I don't see any sign of this plant vining yet.

Can you name this plant?


  1. Looks like a sunflower to me. Any birdfeeders nearby?

  2. Good guess, but no. See my next post showing the new blossoms.


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