An Alameda Garden: Scenes from the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Scenes from the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show 2014

There's one more day to catch this year's SF Flower & Garden Show and it's definitely worth the trip over there. The show is under new management this year and, although there are a few bugs to be worked out, I thought it was much improved overall. The display gardens are great, the seminars are interesting, and the arrangement of the show floor made for better traffic through the exhibits. As for what I'd like to see improved, well, they need to work on the signage, provide handouts with the seminars (I heard the speakers were discouraged from having handouts--big mistake!), and although I happily missed standing in any lines, I heard there were some very long lines to get in at the openings. These are mostly minor problems and they tend to work themselves out over the course of a show or from one year to the next. Overall, I'm encouraged that the show will be revitalized by the new management and that's a very good thing.

Here are a few shots of the display gardens. Today (Sunday) is your last opportunity to see them and the rest of the show in person!


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