An Alameda Garden: Freeze Alert!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Freeze Alert!

Bay Area gardeners, take note! Nighttime temperatures are expected to dip in the next few nights, going below freezing in some areas. Take the time to protect tender plants, including citrus trees and any plants that were only recently planted. Container plants are also vulnerable, even more so than those in the ground, so move as many of those as you can under cover.

To wrap plants, you can use Reemay cloth, or "frost blankets." You can also use burlap fabric to wrap the plants, particularly if you can add piles of leaves inside for insulation.

If you can't wrap all your plants, you can try an anti-transpirant spray like Wilt-Pruf or Cloud Cover.

Also, be sure to water your plants well before the frost hits. Well-watered plants are better able to tolerate the cold.

Stay warm!

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  1. How did your garden do? We dragged all the orchids inside, for the entire week. They're back outside now. Our only loss was our basil, which was at the end of its life, anyway.


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