An Alameda Garden: Straight-Up Info on Upside-Down Tomatoes

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Straight-Up Info on Upside-Down Tomatoes

I tried last year to grow one tomato plant in a topsy-turvy planter and it was a dismal failure. (Let's just say the result was nothing like the product image shown here.) But not being a quitter (except when it comes to diets, housework, or well, many other things), I plan on giving upside-down tomato-growing another go this year. This article from GardenWise has lots of good information on this growing method, including some interesting benefits of hanging your plants upside down. It also seems that the choice of tomato plant is key. I'm not sure which variety I'll use and I'm still a few weeks away from potting up any tomato plants, but in the meantime I'll be scouting out the best hanging location. Bottoms up!

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