An Alameda Garden: Opening Day at SF Flower & Garden Show 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Opening Day at SF Flower & Garden Show 2011

The first day of the SF Flower & Garden Show always seems a little overwhelming. There's so much to see and I get a very bad case of "I want-itis" when I see all the cool new plants and outdoor stuff. I decided to postpone any actual purchasing until later in the week and just focus the first day on viewing the demo gardens. Unlike previous years, there was no one garden that completely wow-ed me, but there were elements that I really liked about almost every garden. Here's a small sample of what I saw:

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  1. "Love The Pic's" The waterfall looked amazing

  2. I felt similarly. No garden bowled me over, but there were lots of inspirational bits in them all. My favorite was the one with the student desks surrounded by a high up landscaping of lemon trees and such.

  3. I really wanted to go to this, but my schedule just didn't allow it. So thank you so much for the pictures. I can at least see what I missed.

  4. You took some great pics. Didn't you love that chicken coop with the succulent garden on top? Matti

  5. Looks like a terrific show in a beautiful city, I would love to have the opportunity to attend it one year.


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