An Alameda Garden: More Tomatoes for Non-Tomato-Lovers

Thursday, September 02, 2010

More Tomatoes for Non-Tomato-Lovers

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while may recall that although I enjoy growing tomatoes, I am not one of those gardeners who lives for the first juicy bite of a fresh-off-the-vine homegrown tomato. Actually, I think raw tomatoes, homegrown or store-bought, are quite awful and a little disgusting. (Really, how can anyone love that goo the seeds float in?)

But because I love to grow tomatoes (or attempt to grow them, as my efforts this year are rather pathetic), I try to find tomato recipes that I can enjoy. I posted earlier this year about a roasted tomato soup that I made. And now I've found a recipe in the NY Times Magazine I'd like to try--tomato sliders. These itty-bitty things come under the category of amuse-bouche--bite-size morsels that pack a lot of flavor so that restaurants can still charge shockingly high prices for what is really very little food. The article and recipe explain it very well, but as a preview, I'll tell you that it is basically little buns made with almond flour, tomatoes diced into something like a confit, and a layer of a mascarpone-goat cheese mixture. Yee gads, that sounds like something even a non-tomato-lover such as myself might love.

I might wait to see if I get any tomatoes from my garden to use in this recipe, but if anyone else makes this recipe, please report back--can they really be as tasty as they sound?

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  1. I like to grow tomatoes and eat them myself.

    But here's an idea, last night my mom's husband made some ocra, and he had battered and breaded them, and they were delicous. I can't say I don't like ocra, but they are probably the last thing I would eat if there is anything else in the house.

    Have you ever thought of making fried tomatoes?

  2. Stumbled across your blog and laughed when I read this post! My husband despises raw tomatoes and their "acidic slime" (his words), yet I love them. We had nine tomato plants this summer. Have you tried oven-drying them? The goo gets cooked off and they're great in pastas and on pizzas!

    Am now following you on Twitter and look forward to reading more of your Bay area gardening adventures!



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