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Monday, August 30, 2010

Daydreaming and Gardening in Swedish

I've been reading books from Sweden lately--The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy and the Wallander series--and watching the movies and BBC TV series adapted from the books and as a result, I'm having serious Sweden fantasies. I would love to travel there, right now, today, but a trip like that would take far more kroner than I have available. So I've been doing the next best thing--visiting garden blogs from Sweden.

I started by checking in at and surveying the map of garden blogs from Sweden. From the links I found there, I also began to follow blogroll links out to cover a vast network of Swedish garden blogs. There are surprisingly many, considering this is a place with such long winters. But Swedish gardeners seem to make the most of their growing season and perhaps the long days of summer make things grow at hyperspeed. The gardens look lush and vibrant and the settings are charming and quaint.

And yes, there is a language barrier since I speak not a word of Swedish and the blogs are mostly written in their native language (although it seems most Swedes seem to speak at least some English). But great garden pics work in any language. And somehow the gardeners' enthusiasm for their gardens translates as well.

Here are some of the Swedish garden blogs I've been enjoying:
I can tell this is just the beginning of a blog-reading obsession. Not as good as being there in person but pretty enjoyable nonetheless.

Anyone else out there up for a garden tour of Sweden next summer???

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  1. I've been reading those books as well. Since the Swedish gardeners share a similar climate with me, I have looked in on some. You're right, the pictures are worth the visit, even if one doesn't speak a speck of Swedish.

    Christine in Alaska

  2. Count me in! I have also been reading the Swedish blogs. They are beautiful! My son is living in Sweden for two years and I miss him greatly. I see the beautiful countryside through the eyes of the Swedish boggers. So glad to find something in common with you.

  3. Silly me. I arrived here through another's blog and didn't realize I had left her blog. I did, however, enjoy reading your post!


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