An Alameda Garden: Bloom Day

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bloom Day

And I'm back. Not that I was ever away. But work and other demands temporarily moved blogging off of my to-do list. Some gardening happened in the meanwhile, but not nearly enough. Hopefully, that's about to change.

But today is Bloom Day and instead of posting photos of everything that's blooming, I thought I'd just post the most amazing thing that's blooming:

Yep, sweet peas cut from my garden. In August. All you climate change-deniers out there, 'splain that if you can.

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  1. You still have Sweet Peas? That's amazing. Something strange is going on around here. I even saw a wildflower on my walk the other day. One I had never seen before... in September when all is dry and leaves are starting to fall.
    Very strange....


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