An Alameda Garden: Succulent Sunday

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Succulent Sunday

Aloes in bloom on a rainy Sunday

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  1. Lovely aloe! A. saponaria?

  2. I have an aloe. He has never flowered. Can't really blame the chap, he lives in my house in the north country. Just glad I've managed to keep him alive this long....

    Christine in Alaska

  3. What a lovely looking plant! What sort of growing conditions do they require to thrive?

  4. What a lovely plant. What are the growing conditions it requires to thrive and blossom?

  5. Percy,

    I think the reason that succulents do so well here in Alameda is that we have sandy, well-draining soil and that is their number one requirement. They hate having wet feet!


  6. I love your succulent varieties, some I haven't seen before! I recently started making succulent gardens and giving them as gifts. Seem to be a hit so far!I'm thinking of selling them, check them out and see what you think!


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