An Alameda Garden: Succulent Sunday

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Succulent Sunday

More and more lately I find myself drawn to the look (and certainly the ease of care) of succulents. Whether I’m thumbing through the beautiful photos of Debra Lee Baldwin’s books (Designing with Succulents and Succulent Container Gardens), or checking out blogs like Far Out Flora that prominently feature them, or just enjoying them in situ, succulents seem endlessly fascinating and I just want to see more. To that end, I’ve decided to initiate Succulent Sunday. Like Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, this can become (I hope) a great way for bloggers to share their favorite succulents, whether individually, in containers, in gardens, in nurseries, or in the wild.

So here’s how it works: On Sundays, post one wonderful succulent photo on your blog, with or without a caption, then check in here to link it up. I think we’ll end up with a weekly gallery of amazing succulent shots to share and enjoy.

So here's my first entry:

Aeoniums and agave on Alcatraz

I've shown you mine--now you show me yours!

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