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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Taking Care of Business

Blogging is great fun but it’s a lot more fun (and challenging and interesting for all concerned) when you know there are people actually reading your blog. And, naturally, the more the merrier. So I’m making an effort this year to try to boost the readership of An Alameda Garden.

If you like what you read here and want to be sure not to miss any of it, you can become a Subscriber or Follower. In the middle column of this blog page, you’ll find links to click to Subscribe or Follow.

If you’re a member of (which you should be if you like garden blogs), you can Fave An Alameda Garden. Once you log into Blotanical, you can search for An Alameda Garden and click the link to Fave the blog or or search for my name (Claire Splan) and Fave me as a blotanist. You’ll then be able to find my posts easily under the My Faved Blogs Posts link.

And while I’m in shameless self-promotion mode, I’ll ask for your vote as Best Blogger in Alameda Magazine’s Best of Alameda contest. Click the button on the left to go to the ballot page where you can write in “Claire Splan/An Alameda Garden” for the Best Blogger category.

Last but definitely not least, I’d like to hear from you. What kind of posts do you enjoy the most? What kind do you like the least? Would you like to see An Alameda Garden develop as a regional gardening news site? Or do you like it best when it’s personal? I’d really like to know!


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  2. Claire,
    As I said in my email, your blog is looking great. Very professional! I personally like the personal stuff, so my advice would be to keep it. I also love the info on, and coverage of, local gardening events, so keep that too. Product and garden center reviews are always nice to read also. So I guess what I'm saying is IMO you don't need to change a thing! I have you on my Google reader list but I usually get to your blog from the link on my own. Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback. Keep on bloggin' and

    Happy Gardening!

  3. Hi Claire,

    Your sis posted the link to your blog on my FB page. I love gardening, especially plant sharing and raising tiny babies until they are large enough to release into the "big bed" out in my garden.

    I have been known to pick up little broken pieces of succulents off the ground at the nursery, some have even been stepped on. Dropped them in to my water bottle, or pocket and take them home and plant them, baby them and raise them up into "adults"

    Look for me on your sister's FB page and friend me. then look at my garden photos in my garden album.

    I hope you're well.

    Cathy McClure Lindberg


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