An Alameda Garden: Yes, We Need the Water, But...

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Yes, We Need the Water, But...

There hasn't been a whole lot happening here in terms of gardening because we seem to be having one rainstorm after another and when we had a brief break from the storms a couple weeks ago, I had a cold and was too miserable to do anything. My one big accomplishment was that I bought 50 bare-root strawberry plants (Ranier) on sale at Berkeley Hort and actually managed to get them in the ground before they died. That happened yesterday, in a rush, during another short respite from the rain. The ground was still really too wet, but the plants couldn't wait any longer. So I weeded out the bed (probably losing way too much damp soil with the weeds) and stuck the plants in. Finally, I can feel like I got something actually done in the garden! Except that it's not really done because I still need to mulch the bed.

The forecast is for rain and more rain throughout the next ten days at least. And still they say we are in a drought and can look forward to more water rationing this year. You'd never know there's a drought by looking at my garden. The weeds are positively thriving!

Oh, and check back here soon--I expect to have another giveaway happening in a week or so. Details to come.

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