An Alameda Garden: Ethel Gloves Revisited--And a Glove Giveaway!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ethel Gloves Revisited--And a Glove Giveaway!

Eight months ago I posted about trying out a new pair of garden gloves called Ethel Gloves. I gave the gloves a favorable review, but that was only after a week or so of intensive gardening in them.

I'm happy to report that the gloves are still going strong and they remain my favorite gloves to garden in. After eight months there are no tears or holes, no shrinkage in spite of several machine washings, and except for a few small sap stains, they clean up well.

It's good when a product lives up to one's initial impressions and it's also good to be able to try out a product for free. And one lucky reader will get the chance to do just that. The folks at Ethel Gloves will give away one pair of gloves (winner's choice of style and size) to a reader of An Alameda Garden. Just post a comment to this post. Your comment can be about anything garden- or garden blog-related. Be sure to include an e-mail address. The contest will remain open until next Friday, March 20--coincidentally, the first day of spring. At noon on Friday I'll randomly choose one winner from all the commenters and, once the winner has provided a mailing address, the folks at Ethel Gloves will ship out the new gloves.

And, just in case you can't wait for the end of the contest or aren't feeling particularly lucky, you can order gloves directly from the Ethel Gloves website and get a 10% discount as a reader of An Alameda Garden. Just enter the discount code ALAMEDA and you'll get 10% off your entire order. I think they'd make a perfect gift for Easter or Mother's Day! This discount offer is good until Friday, April 3.

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  1. Hi, I'm a new Alamedan and came across your blog looking for tips for gardening here. And why not enter in a drawing for some new gardening gloves (which I'm in dire need of) at the same time! Nice site. I'm definitely going to check out Renee's Garden. Thanks! []

  2. Hi there! Thanks for the info on the great gloves. I am always after things that last longer than normal and wear well while you have them on. None of the ones I have tried in the past have lived up to this standard.

  3. I think I may head over to the store and check out these gloves. My last pair is currently falling apart and these sound great and are very pretty! Thank you for the recommendation!

    robin @ smellyskunk. com

  4. Those are some great looking gloves. I have small hands too, and gloves that actually fit would be a treat.

  5. Wow I am so glad I came across your blog because I am a newbie gardener looking for advice. THese gloves look fantastic.

    I am excited about my garden especially the tomatoes I plan to plant. There is nothing like fresh tomatoes on a hot summer day!!!

  6. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Thanks for sharing about these gloves. I'm still using my cheap drugstore gloves - but last year was my first gardening year. I may have to invest in a better pair now that I know they're out there. Thanks again.

  7. I'm so happy to have found your blog! I am a recent transplant to Alameda (from faraway Berkeley) and am starting a garden this week... look forward to catching up on your posts. :)

    sundarikali at gmail dot com

  8. How fun! A contest. I am very hard on gardening gloves and would love to give the Ethel Gloves a spin, especially if they were free. I'm crossing my fingers.

  9. Ran across those gloves the other day and really liked them, but wasn't quite willing to spend that much for them. They are very nice, though!!

    My main thing with gloves is size, since I have BIG hands for a woman, apparently, and the "feel", to be able to feel what I'm doing. Most gloves don't have enough fingertip feel for me. I like to be able to really sense what I'm doing, so usually end up in latex or nitril gloves unless I need real heavy protection. I also like them washable if I'm not using disposable.

    I'll have to check out the discounted price -- thanks! Although free would be great, too!

  10. I'm a not-so-recent Alameda transplant (I moved here in 2007). I'm about to get started on this summer's garden, so count me in for the gloves contest!

  11. Anonymous7:02 AM

    As you already know, I LOVE your site and, boy do I need some good gloves. Here in Michigan we're having a sunny 72F St. Patrick's Day. Very unusual. People are out raking last year's dead leaves and winter windfalls. Spring is certainly in the air, but we'll probably have a few more snows before it's really here.
    Dawn, Mugs' mom

  12. Seeds are sprouting under my grow lights but I can only get through the top three inches of soil before I hit ice in the garden boxes. I am ready for spring and real gardening.
    The gloves sound good - Thanks for your update on your review.

  13. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I'd be happy to have some free gardening gloves!

  14. damn, this conversation is like, a month old. oh well.

    gloves. my bane, my challenge, my nightmare. i'm glad to hear you've found a brand that works for you. i may try them.

    i've bought all kinds of gloves, from all kinds of stores, at all kinds of prices. it's like i can't win. the farm supply store gloves are holding up, but they are like wearing a terminator arm, or something. i have this nice, fuzzy set that i paid too much for at a nursery, but they are so delicate i hesistate to do real work in them. i have oodles of the standby yellow/blue work gloves, but i have to wash them often and they aren't so 'fitted' as i'd like.

    my rule is to spend 85% of my gardening day "in glove" and finish off with a few moments of bare-hand weeding/planting/whatever. then i retire, and clean out the dirt from my nails over a glass of pm wine and watch the sun set over my northwest beds. but with gloves, there's really no 'winning.' they all seem to fail, sooner or later. i've given up hope of ever finding a pair i can afford, that lasts, works, and is versitile.

  15. Did not expect to stumble upon competition looking information about gardening. I am glad to participate in the contest for a pair of beatifull gloves! []


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