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Monday, January 05, 2009

They Should Have Just Asked a Gardener

The LA Times has an article today about a study done at Kansas State University showing that yes, gardening can be strenuous enough to count as a moderate workout and to help keep people, particular seniors, fit.

I'm all for scientific research, but this seems like another one of those cases where a study was done to prove something that should be fairly obvious. Anyone who's ever raked a lawn, dug holes for planting, or pulled a significant amount of weeds can tell you that of course regular gardening activities are equivalent to a workout. While not every activity will get your heart rate up enough to count as a cardio activity, some, such as vigorous raking, will. Add to that the bending and reaching that comes with pruning, planting, and weeding, and you've got a pretty good all-over routine.

For those who need quantifiable proof of things, I hope this study, published in HortTechnology, will put the issue to rest. But honestly, I think it could have been settled just as conclusively by picking up a shovel.
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  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

    funny, isn't it? well, maybe this study will convince a few more people to quit the gym and put their "hoe-master" to use instead.


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