An Alameda Garden: Bees Really Do Do It--Loudly

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bees Really Do Do It--Loudly

I was in my garden today when I heard a faint buzzing sound that seemed to be coming from very close by. I looked around for a bee, but none was to be found. But the buzzing was getting louder. I thought perhaps there was a swarm, so I looked under the eaves of the house. Nothing. The buzzing grew even louder and started to sound a bit frenzied. It seemed to be building up to a ... suddenly something caught my eye way down at the bottom of a sweet pea vine. There I happened to spy two bees in the last throes of what I can only assume from the noise level must have been very satisfying sex. The buzzing built to a--dare I say?--climax and then they broke apart, each sort of stumbling out of their little hideaway and flying off in a rather wobbly way. One of the bees only flew a couple feet before he came to rest for a while on a leaf. And in case you should ever wonder exactly how exhausting bee sex is, I can tell you that I had time to go into the house to find my camera, change batteries in the camera, turn it on to make sure it was working, and went back outside--and the bee was still resting on the same leaf. If you look closely, you can see him smoking a teeny-tiny cigarette.

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  1. patientgardener1:45 AM

    Love this post

  2. This is hilarious. But I have to wonder, what is gestation? Maybe you should set up a little bee nursery. You could decorate in a "Bee Movie" theme. Could be soon, now!


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