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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Edible Garden Grows

I've gotten a bit off track lately with my attempts to participate in the 100-ft. Diet Challenge, but the state of the vegetable garden is looking a bit more promising now. I see a lovely red-and-green salad on the horizon with mesclun, spinach, and bull's blood beet greens.

Further in the future, there will (if all goes well) be broccoli and garlic, and today I planted out bell pepper and broccoli raab seedlings. I've got lots more seeds to get started, so there should be plenty more to come.

And much further in the future, there will be cherries! I finally got the dwarf Rainier cherry tree into the ground. It seems to be handling the transplant well and is happily flowering along. I have not yet managed to get a cross-pollinator grafted or budded onto it, so there won't be any cherries this year, but hopefully next year. For now, I'll just admire how good it looks.

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  1. Nice to meet a fellow Path to Freedom Journal reader :) They've been inspiring me for almost two years now. We're hoping to get some beds in place to grow some veggies this year so I hope to be participating in my own "100 Foot Diet" sometime soon!

  2. My lettuce is about the most exciting thing that is happening now, too...although I suspect you will have lots of green before I do...but spring is on the way!


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