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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Am So Behind

The last couple months have been so busy with work that in spite of my best intentions (and a long list of topics to write about), I hardly posted here at all. When I wasn't working I was feeling either the pressure or the temptation (depending on my mood) to spend my time actually gardening rather than blogging about gardening. But I seem to have a break in the action over the next few days before more work comes in and I hope to use that time to get some posts done that have been simmering quietly in the dark recess of my mind (you know, like compost). So here are some highlights of a few of the posts that should appear here in the coming week:
  • A couple book reviews, plus a round-up of some garden books that I've either recently come across or that have really proved their worth--just in case you have any gardeners on your Christmas list.
  • A DVD review.
  • A report on the International Plant Propagators conference I attended last month in Salem, Oregon.
  • Some notes on how the vegetable harvest has been going in my garden.
  • A long overdue post on the almost year-long effort I've been making to re-landscape my front yard.
  • Some other miscellaneous ramblings about what's going on in the back yard.
The real posting begins tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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