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Monday, June 04, 2007

Flora Grubb Gardens

Yesterday my friend Linda and I visited Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco. This nursery recently relocated to its new location in the Bayview/Hunters Point area and has been getting a lot of attention, so we had to check it out.

What we found was a pretty impressive selection of plants, especially succulents. The nursery also shares space with The Palmbroker, so there's a great selection of palms as well. We found some plants you don't usually find in nurseries--Linda found an Italian herb called Nepetella, which she told me she's never found anywhere else. And even with the more common plants, there was a better-than-usual selection.

Flora Grubb bills itself as both a nursery and a design studio and they offer lots of amazing decorative items for the garden, such as ornate wood and wrought iron doors and an array of large pots in varied styles. Here's the sad part: these tend to be high-end items, well beyond my garden budget. I found some brown rectangular pots that would look perfect in my front yard, but at $350 each, that's so not going to happen.

So I contented myself (for now) with wandering and admiring. I browsed the excellent selection of garden design books and drank an amazing latte. (No kidding, their barista is a true artist. Do not leave this place without enjoying a coffee drink.) I know I'll be going back to Flora Grubb.


  1. They had a nice write up in Garden Design magazine last month. Some day when I am in The City I'll have to check it out.

    Always fun to see new, cool garden centers opening.

  2. Are those the light brown/yellow tall containers in the picture--the ones that you wanted? They look lovely, and that looks like a wonderful place. That they serve amazing lattes on top of all that sounds completely unfair. *grin*


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