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Monday, April 09, 2007

Step It Up

There's been an interesting conversation going on at Garden Rant today regarding global warming, a subject I find myself thinking, reading, and obsessing about more and more these days.

This Saturday, April 14, has been declared a National Day of Climate Action. The point of it is to gather people together in more than a thousand events across the country to send a message to Congress demanding carbon cuts of 80% by the year 2050. It's a serious goal and I think the time is right to demand action of our legislators.

To find a rally near you (or to plan one) go to the web site for Step It Up 2007. You'll find more than 1300 events already listed. I'll be attending one here in Alameda, which includes a rally, a march up the main street in town, and a town hall discussion and teach-in at the public library. It looks like it will offer a lot of information and, hopefully, a plan of action for us as a community.

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