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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rose Harvest Tour

The Russian River Rose Company in Healdsburg is again offering rose harvest tours this year from April 12 to May 29. I posted last year about my experience on the tour. It really is a lovely way to spend the day--up to your neck in fragrant fields watching fat bees gettin' busy on a smorgasbord of roses while you fill your basket with blooms. Then there are tea and goodies to sample, roses to buy, and as long as you're in the neighborhood, why not stop by a winery or two on the way home. If you're in the vicinity, I highly recommend the tour.

As an aside, the climbing rose I bought there last year (called Rachel's Smile) has established itself well and is in bud!


  1. Hi Claire,I checked out last years post.Guess who commented back then?
    me!I took your advise and ordered the Orchid thief from Amazon.It sounds divine the rose tour, with tea and wine.Hope your apple tree grows well with your rootstock/scion mix.I like the way you can get to Hort classes.Sniff I work as an RN so not much time to get green finger educated.
    I can learn off you your blog layout too :)

  2. Sweet! Just invited my boyfried's mother so we can go check it out in a few weeks (boyfriend will drive but will probably go eat lunch instead of taking the tour).


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