An Alameda Garden: Letting Congress Know Where You Stand on the Climate Crisis

Friday, March 16, 2007

Letting Congress Know Where You Stand on the Climate Crisis

Next Wednesday (March 21st) Al Gore will testify before Congress on the issue of global warming and the most immediate actions that the government needs to take to end the climate crisis. Gore has already gathered close to 300,000 signatures to present to Congress on Wednesday to demonstrate the public's concern on this issue. If you want to register your concern as well, click here to fill out a postcard to your representative that Al Gore will personally deliver. The goal is to gather at least 350,000 signatures, but it seems to me that there should be many, many more than that. Please consider adding your name to the roll.

Update 5/22/07: When Al Gore spoke to Congress yesterday, he took with him more than 519,000 postcards from the public telling them that it's time to take action. Gore's presentation at both the House and Senate committees was well-informed and passionate. Watching the committee hearings was both encouraging and aggravating--encouraging that the hearings are taking place, and aggravating to see dinosaurs like Sen. Inhoffe who are living high on funding from the oil lobby while they deny that global warning even exists. I found it interesting also to read that the House Republican leadership refused to appoint any Republican to the bipartisan Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming unless they would take the position that human activity is not causing global warming. Clearly, the Republicans are sticking to their oil-loving agenda no matter what the science says.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up... I went and did mine right now.

  2. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Have you ever considerered watching something that shows the other side to the "global warming debate?"

    Compare the information in this documentary to the information in al gores and you will be very surprised.

    If I was al gore and I had invested all my money in alternate energy I know what sort of power point presentation I would do.


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