An Alameda Garden: In Between Frosts

Saturday, January 13, 2007

In Between Frosts

The temperature did drop last night, just as predicted. The garden seems to be doing OK. The worst thing was that I forgot to turn off the sprinkler system in the front yard and the water that ran off the lawn early this morning turned to ice on the sidewalk and stayed icy all day. I've never seen that happen around here before.

This afternoon was actually wonderful gardening weather--cold, but manageable with a light sweater as long as you kept moving, and beautiful sunny skies. I did some more clean-up, finally getting rid of the old tomato and basil plants and lining up the empty 5-gallon pots along the wall, ready for planting again in a few months. After clearing out that whole bed of a few errant weeds and smoothing it out, I transplanted two plants there that I've intended for that bed for a few months. In the shadier corner I planted the yellow abutilon that I bought in October at the plant sale at Merritt. In the sunny corner, I moved the small lilac that I purchased bareroot last year. I'd been waiting for the lilac to go dormant before I moved it, but it's already got leaf buds all over it. Those two plants should eventually fill up those empty corners very well. Now I need to figure out what to plant under and around them.

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  1. You made me realise that I had better move the crape myrtle I've been waiting to move. The truth of the matter is I was supposed to do it last year and missed dormancy...I'd better get out there today!


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