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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Keeping On Keeping On

No major happenings (good or bad) going on in the garden these days. I seem to be lacking either the time or the energy to tackle any of the myriad projects I have in mind, so I'm just doing the 3 W's: watering, weeding, and wandering around aimlessly thinking that I should be getting more accomplished.

This is all I have to show for my efforts today. I weeded BH's garden, cut back the bleeding hearts, and planted some catmint that I bought about a week ago. This bed doesn't look like much right now because everything has bloomed out and I'm waiting for the iris and the freesia to completely die down. But there's a stargazer lilly shooting up in the back and hopefully the catmint will fill out quickly. Any suggestions for some compact, late summer bloomers I can fill in with?


  1. Reading this post made me feel a little better. We have no need for watering here lately, but I have been doing the other 2 W's right along with you. The only "W" I haven't been doing any of is Work, in fact. Glad I'm not the only one!

    By the way, did Linus ever find a new shady hangout?

  2. Let's just say that Linus is bearing with me while the corner bed is under construction. So far I've planted an ostrich fern, catnip, and some nicotiana but they're all pretty small --the ostrich fern is really just a sprout. I also sowed some amaranth (Love Lies Bleeding) seeds. When everything's grown and filled out, it should provide a nice kitty jungle.

  3. I love the cat memorial statue with the blue glass beads.Its look fine to me.I have done some of the W's too, weeding and wandering today mostly.


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