An Alameda Garden: Can You Name This Plant?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Can You Name This Plant?

Once again, I call upon the collective wisdom in the gardening blogosphere to help me identify another volunteer plant in my garden. Here it is.
It currently stands about 18-20 inches high. It has tiny white blossoms and it's also showing some signs of leaf curl (that alone makes me think I should yank it, but I'd still like to know what it is first). Any guesses?


  1. Your mystery plant is something in the solanacae family which includes, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, etc. I'm betting your plant is some sort of nightshade.

  2. I agree with Steven, some sort of nightshade. Most nightshades are poisonous

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  4. I agree it looks to be in the Solanaceae, the Nightshade Family.

    The semi-winged leaves are interesting and might be a clue.

    Are there any berries or fruit? The color could be a key to identifying it.

    A detail of the flower could also help identify it.

    There are native nightshades, so if it were growing it my garden I wouldn't want to remove it until I could identify it.

  5. Thanks to Steven, Carol, and Xris for leading me in the right direction. After you pointed me to the solanaceae family, I was able to tentatively identify it as Solanum americanum, American Black Nightshade. I'm going to wait until the berries appear so I can tell for sure. I've seen this described as both a native and an invasive, so I need to research a bit more to figure out whether it should stay or go.


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