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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Black Spots on the Pepper?

While checking on the progress of the bell peppers this morning, I noticed several tiny black spots on one of them. Since there are only two peppers so far, any sign of trouble is worrisome. I've never seen something like this. Anyone know what the spots are? Pest? Disease? Tiny freckles from too much sun?

Please advise!


steven said...

It looks like it might be bacterial black spot, but I can't tell from the photo if any of the leaves have the spots or not.

Anonymous said...

It could also be pepper maggots entering the pepper. My peppers have tiny spots like that and whe they are opened there's a little worm inside. Just google "pepper maggot" for more information. It appears it's quite common, it's been happening in some of my peppers for the past few years. I think they over-winter in the soil.

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