An Alameda Garden: My First Carrot

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My First Carrot

I harvested the first carrot today. These are Round Romeo carrots from a packet of Renee's Garden seeds. I realized today that it had been more than two months since I sowed the seeds (April 18th) and the seed packet says 60 days to maturity. So I plucked out the tallest of the greens and found a nice round, orange globe more than an inch in diameter.

Because I only pulled up the one carrot, I didn't bother to cook it, just cleaned it and chomped it down. It was really tasty--nice and sweet.

I'll give the rest of the batch (which was not very big to begin with) another week or so, then harvest all of them together. They'll be really delicious steamed with butter.

These are a really good option for container planting since you don't need a very deep container. There are still a lot more seeds in the packet, so I'm looking forward to growing many more of these babies.


  1. In all the years I've gardened, my carrots never turn out well and this year it looks like I've beaten the odds !

  2. Carrots fresh from the garden are a slice of heaven! I've never grown that variety... I'll have to add that to my list of veggies to try!

  3. I tried and failed last year to grow one carrot.Maybe will try container growing, because the slugs/snails/bugs demolished every single seedling.In fact Bar the little gem lettuce which bolted i grew a single solitary spring onion (scallion).Looks delicious anyway, and must taste sooooo nice.home grown.


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