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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Container Vegetable Garden

I'm slowly trying to get things set up so that all the vegetables I want to grow will be in containers. I think I'll have more control that way--I can move the plants to wherever they'll get the proper sun exposure and hopefully they'll be less vulnerable to certain pests.

I'm doing this on a very limited scale already. I've been growing mesclun, spinach, tomatoes, and carrots in containers. I also have a couple sweet peppers and a couple Roma bean plants in containers too, although they're not doing too well so far. Today I pulled out the last of the spinach, which had bolted, and replanted the same container with more mesclun. I also sowed some more Round Romeo carrot seeds around the perimeter of the container where the berry plant is growing.

I'm trying to find whatever information I can on what varieties of vegetables would grow best in containers and I think I found a great resource: They offer an impressive array of vegetables that are well-suited to containers, along with information about the size of container that is best for each plant. I think I'll be placing an order soon.

I also did something yesterday that will probably turn out to be very smart or a waste of money. I bought a small (quite small) greenhouse on ebay. It's a plastic-covered, 5-shelf structure that's roughly 6' tall, 2' wide, and 1.5' deep. Hopefully, it will be just big enough to keep some lettuces going year-round and get an early start on spring seedlings. Including shipping, it's $55. If it works out, it should pay for itself in a couple years.


  1. I bought a grow house before similar to that with nice plastic covering which zipped up.I had a few problems which i will tell you about.The metal frame needs securing as mine fell apart at the shelfs and to add insult to injury blew from the side of the house down to the bottom.With such force it snapped the metal poles.
    I found it needed to be opened in the heat too as it got so hot the plants dried up within.
    I will be watching your container gardening for idea's as i want to emulate you for growing salad and veg etc.
    Love your blog, and your writing.keep it going Claire!

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  3. It's such a strange concept to me, having a second round of vegetable gardening. to enjoy each year. I'm used to the winter rest, but I do so miss my fresh vegetables and herbs. A two year old pepper plant, what a thing! Enjoy every bite.


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