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Monday, May 29, 2006

Can You Name This Plant?

This is one of the many recent volunteers in my garden and I would love to know its name. It stands about 18 inches high right now, its leaves are sessile and opposite with surfaces about as hairy as an African Violet (less hairy than a Wooly Lamb's Ears). It has just come into bloom in the last few days (the magenta bloom on top--the flower below that is a freesia).

Any suggestions?


Hanna in Cleveland said...

It looks like a Rose Campion.

It is usually a pass along plant, meaning that it is hard to find in nurseries but stays in the common garden because it is passed along between gardeners alot.

It reseeds pretty freely, another reason is is passed along alot.

Claire Splan said...

After checking some Internet sites and consulting Sunset Western Garden Book, I'm inclined to agree--thanks Hanna in Cleveland! Which means I've invited yet another self-seeder into my garden! But I like this one, so I think I'll just try to keep it deadheaded to keep it in check.

Angela said...

It's beautiful. I had one (from a friend), but it was gobbled up by my not-so-dwarf lavender hedge. Must get another.

Anonymous said...

Otherwise known as lychnis coronaria. I wouldn't be without it. The little gray furry seedlings are easy to spot and move to where you might want them, though they often find "just the right spot" all by themselves. They can also be white, or white with pale pink markings.

Sigrun said...

Your plant is Lychnis coronaria!


JLB said...

Greetings! I found you through GardenVoices and thought I'd stop in to see all the cool things you're doing with your garden! I'm in a new place and haven't started a new veggie patch yet, so I'm enjoying yours vicariously. :)

As to your mystery flower, when I was growing up I always called them lambs ears, because that's what my father called them. :) So there's my two cents.

Happy Gardening!

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