An Alameda Garden: Sowing Seeds

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sowing Seeds

More sunshine today, and we so deserve it. I did some weeding in the morning, clearing some space around a patch of iris and also pulling dandelions in what will soon be the vegetable bed. But I was feeling too impatient to wait until that area is all clear--I needed to get something planted now, so this afternoon I sowed some spinach and carrot seeds in containers. This is the first time I've tried those in containers. I trimmed the edges of the pots in copper tape, which not only is supposed to keep the snails out but also adds a bit of interest to the planters.

I also discovered what looks like some kind of berry plant growing under one of the delphiniums. I dug it up and potted it. If it turns out to be something I'd actually like to keep, it'll need to go someplace where it will get more sun. I love finding volunteers in the garden!

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  1. copper tape suppossed to keep slugs away too.They slide up and get an electric shock from the copper.My foxgloves remain unnibbled yet by slugs.
    i love planting seeds but i have big problem of where to grow them.I did have a three tiered growhouse but the strong winds and poor construction collapsed it!!
    my morning glories and sunflowers look great in their little trays.I need to plant them in 3inch pots for growing big and strong!


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