An Alameda Garden: A Break in the Rain

Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Break in the Rain

The forecast for today said to expect cloudy skies, showers, and a chance of thunder. Instead, it was blue skies all day long and the temperature even crept up above 70 degrees. A perfect day, although it would have been more perfect if I had time to be out in the garden all day. As it was, I was only able to be outside for about 30 minutes--just long enough to pot up six Brugmansia starts. They were given to me by Chloe, one of my classmates, whose Brugmansia had blown down in one of the recent storms. In order to replant it she had to cut it back severely, but her loss was my gain. Hopefully, I'll end up with two good plants for my yard and a few to share with friends.

And there was also just enough time to run around with the camera and snap a few quick shots of the newest blooms.


  1. What are they the flowers?love your blog, just reread your clockwise tour of your yard.Love the peeking cat.does he have a moustache?keep on growing!

  2. The flowers are (from top to bottom)a Martha Washington geranium, a calla lilly that mysteriously appeared of its own accord, and an apricot hibiscus, which is supposed have double blooms, but sometimes gets tired and produces singles. The green plant at the top of the post is an apple mint. Thanks for your comments!


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